Our Story

Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (AFGI) is one of the leading suppliers of premium denim fabrics and garments in the world. With a large-scale, fully vertical operation based in Karachi, Pakistan, the company has recently expanded its capacity to produce 50 Million meters of fabric and 25 million garments per year along with some of the most innovative products for top Denim brands globally.

Our corporate family has a rich heritage of over 65 years in the textile industry. The company first started operations in 1949, with a small retail shop founded by an enterprising man. With a vision to grow, the company expanded its operations and established multiple garment factories. In the 1990’s, there was tremendous growth and the company used this opportunity to narrow its focus on denim fabric and garments. It led to the creation of a specialized vertical operation and a culture of denim.

Continuing the tradition for growth and innovation, we at AFGI believe in consistently moving towards a better product and a better world. We have not only installed several technologies to ensure that we offer our customers a product of superior quality, but also implemented sustainable practices that protect our community and the environment. We find that every day is an opportunity to move forward effectively and responsibly.

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